After leaving a career as a professional photographer in the late 1980's, My interest in photography was rekindled in the mid 1990's.
I've enjoyed photography more as an amateur than I ever did as a pro. My photographic style is all over the place.
I've never considered myself an artist, I'm more a photographer of opportunity and , with the exception of travel, I don't usually have any idea what I will shoot on an outing.
In 2015 we had the "Great Adventure" . We spent nearly 2 months in Europe traveling by all modes of transportation, with a Mediterranean cruise in the middle. We touched Asia while in Turkey. The photography was secondary but I was still able to get a few nice shots.
In 2016 we continued our travel in retirement. "The Great American Road Trip", in our 26 year old RV . We traveled from coast to coast with many stops between shores.
In 2017 we made the decision to adopt the "Full time" lifestyle.
We sold the RV and purchased a 30' Newmar Baystar as our home on wheels. We sold the house , donated most of our stuff and took to the road for a few years while we look for a place to retire.
In the spring of 2018 we traveled back east ,mostly for family events and to escape the desert heat in summer.
We had decided to make Arizona our winter residence for at least the next few years.
Change of plans for summer 2019 . We decided to stay west of the Mississippi this year . Starting in New Mexico with a 2 month stay in Utah during the hottest months ,then another stay in New Mexico before returning to our permanent site in Phoenix.
As a photographer I am re-learning technique and composition since adopting Fuji gear to reduce the weight of my is working and I like the advanced technology it offers.