After leaving a career as a professional photographer in the late 1980's, My interest in photography was rekindled in the mid 1990's.
I've enjoyed photography more as an amateur than I ever did as a pro. My photographic style is all over the place.
I've never considered myself an artist, I'm more a photographer of opportunity and , with the exception of travel, I don't usually have any idea what I will shoot on an outing.
In 2015 we had the "Great Adventure" . We spent nearly 2 months in Europe traveling by all modes of transportation, with a Mediterranean cruise in the middle. We touched Asia while in Turkey. The photography was secondary but I was still able to get a few nice shots.
In 2016 we continued our travel in retirement. "The Great American Road Trip", in our 26 year old RV . We traveled from coast to coast with many stops between shores.
In 2017 we made the decision to adopt the "Full time" lifestyle.
We sold the RV and purchased a 30' Newmar Baystar as our home on wheels. We sold the house , donated most of our stuff and took to the road for a few years while we look for a place to retire.
So far we have been traveling over old ground with longer stays and different routes but I have not been taking many photos.
Now in Arizona since just before Christmas 2017, I have become a lover of the desert landscape. I am just beginning to photograph the unique beauty of the desert. I have also been tapped to photograph events at the resort we are living at.